Saturday, August 22, 2015


 We go to "work" every day in downtown Buenos Aires. After riding the subway for about 20 minutes, we walk through the plaza of the "pink house" and then walk another 2 blocks. The pink house is like our white house, where the President of Argentina, Christina, works each day. It is not her residence, but a big government building. The plaza in front is very beautiful, but there are a lot of police and many demonstrations there. We are told to stay away when there are demonstrators around. We encountered a lot of demonstrators yesterday as we were leaving, but there was no place to go but through the crowd. The police had everything else blocked off. It was very peaceful.

Our office is one of two. The area office is presently being remodeled, and they have all of the staff split into two offices. The other office is about 10 minutes by subway in the
other direction. We will work in both, because the publishing staff that we work with is in one, and the only available desks are in the other. We will go to meetings and such at the other office, but work in the downtown location. It's good we are working in digital communications. We can do it anywhere remotely. We have worked from home a few days this week because we have been waiting for people to show up at our apartment to deliver or fix.
        The men that we are working with are wonderful. They speak excellent English for me and they have been so kind to help us with anything we need. Fernando left his office to take us downtown and introduce us around. He made sure we knew the way, and showed us a great place to eat on the way. It was then that we realized he had an ulterior motive. His darling wife works in our office and was waiting to have lunch with us.

     Dean and I sit side by side at desks across from Elder and Sister Wallace from Idaho Falls. They are the area auditors and they travel a lot. They check out a car each weekend and they take us to church. There isn't a subway going close to our chapel. Each of the eight senior missionary couples is assigned to a different ward. We have become members of the La Boca Ward. La Boca means "the mouth" and it is near the mouth of the huge river where it feeds into the ocean.
This is our chapel. The Wallace's ward meets in the same building and starts 1/2 hour before ours. They have Priesthood and Relief Society first and we have Sacrament Meeting first. They wait for us to take us home. Our first week was so sweet. Everyone welcomed us so warmly! One dear sister came up to me after Sacrament meeting and said she is an English teacher and will be happy to translate for me. When I came out of Gospel Principles, she was there to take me to Relief Society. I was able to understand more than I expected and it was a very spiritual day. Dean is amazing with his language skills and has taken such great care of us. He has arranged so many things from Internet to finance.I'm so proud of him.

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