Thursday, August 27, 2015


 When we arrived at church Sunday, the missionaries were anxious to tell us about their miracle during the week. Two Elders were walking along the street and passed a young woman on a bench. One of them felt inspired to speak to her. They went back and he thought, "No, it was nothing" and they continued on their way. Then both of them had the impression they should go back and speak to her. They went back and saw that she was smoking and just assumed she wouldn't be interested. They continued on, and this time they both had a very strong impression to go back and speak to her. They did, and she said she would love to talk to them. They made an appointment to visit her in her home. They realized that she didn't live in their area, and they referred her to the Elders in the La Boca Ward (our ward).

Our Elders knocked on her door the next day and she welcomed them. When they told her of the Book of Mormon and offered her a copy, she said that she already had one. Someone had thrown it away and she had seen it in a box and picked it up AND READ IT! She had a testimony that it was true and she was ready to quit smoking and wanted to be baptized! She came to church Sunday and attended our Gospel Principles class. She spoke up many times during the lesson and sounded like she had been a member for years. It was amazing how much she knew and felt about the Gospel. It was a huge testimony builder for all of us and a reminder that we must always listen to the Spirit, and act upon it.

After the lesson, our Bishop called Dean to teach the Gospel Principles class and he gladly accepted. We had about 30 people in class that day. The missionaries are very successful in our area. He also asked us to organize, with the Wallaces and the other ward, a missionary open house.

The building above is a school down the street from the Bellgrano Chapel. The architecture is wonderful, with faces all around the building. The missionaries call it Hogwarts of Bellgrano. The photos below are inside the Institute building next to the Chapel. It is a gorgeous old home that has been repurposed as a school. The classrooms are in the  various rooms and there is a beautiful courtyard where they have BBQ's. The area missionaries celebrated the Fourth of July with a BBQ here.

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