Sunday, September 6, 2015


 The last Sunday in August was our Area Conference. All of the Members in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay met in our Stake Centers to hear from our leaders. President Gonzalez, our Area President spoke first. And then we heard from two Apostles, Elder Cook and Elder Hale. They all spoke of the importance of families attending Sacrament Meeting together and going to the temple together. It was very inspiring. Our ward is the State Center (above) and we are sitting with several other Senior Missionary couples. The Andersons are from Boise, ID and the Licursis (across aisle) are from Cordova, Argentina. We love them all so much!

We bought a pretty green plant that we were not familiar with
and it wasn't labeled. We transplanted it into a pot on our deck, and a few days later, this gorgeous Gardenia bloomed! We are so excited. We could never grow such an exotic flower at home. It's just in the 50's and 60's here and doesn't feel too humid yet, but it is still the right climate for blooms such as these.

Our last Sunday walk was about 6 blocks from our apartment to the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden. What a treasure we found. It looks like a jungle and it's still winter! And it's free!

 There were several of these beautiful greenhouses and then the park was divided into different parts of the world. There was a section for Germany, England, France, China, The America's and many others. It featured waterfalls, bridges,

tons of statues, and benches everywhere to sit and enjoy. The pathways were all over the place and made of rocks, dirt, cement, cobblestones, etc. It was enchanting. We are so excited to see it when it is in bloom, which should be within a month or so.

We feel so blessed to be centrally located in the city. We are within walking distance to so many beautiful attractions and parks. It is fun to explore. We never tire of it. We love Argentina!

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