Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 Our ward shared a Capilla Abierto (open chapel) with the other ward in our building. The members worked for several weeks to get ready by giving invitations to non member friends and also less active members of the wards. The less active members were visited in 
 person by priesthood leaders. The evening began at 5 p.m. When guests came to the church, they were instructed in the 

chapel and then the cultural hall by Sister Missionaries. Then the Senior Missionary couples took the groups to the baptismal room, where two missionaries in white taught about baptism by immersion and asked one of the members to bear their testimony. After that they were taken to the various auxiliary rooms, where they were taught by many different people. The young men and young women did an outstanding job telling about what they learned at church and about their activities and achievements. After taking them to all of the rooms, we finished in the Relief Society room, where Dean bore a beautiful testimony to each group after the Relief Society presentation. At the end, they were turned over to the missionaries to give out Books of Mormon and make referral appointments. They also had refreshments. Many non members came and showed a lot of interest in learning more about the Gospel. One man in our ward, who was baptized three weeks ago, brought his wife and twin baby sons. His wife had not wanted anything to do with his new religion, but at the end of the Capilla Abierto, she wanted to learn more. He said it was a miracle.

We are pictured with our Bishop, Bishop Hernandez, The Anderson's, who are in charge of Capilla Abiertos in our Area, and the Wallace's, who attend the other ward, Constitution.

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