Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 We spent a beautiful Spring day in San Isidro last week. After boarding the train 5 blocks from our apartment, we traveled along the river, catching glimpses of it every once in awhile. We saw some very pretty areas of Buenos Aires with lovely homes. In San Isidro, there is a nature reserve that is along the big river. We saw millions of lily pads and birds that look like Egrets. There were turtles, frogs and Iguanas and it was a great walk.
We visited several old homes that have been turned into museums. At one, there were many costumed people re-enacting several 
 scenes from long ago. The homes and grounds were just gorgeous and so well kept. One of them even had a large boxwood maze, and flowering trees hundreds of years old. We had a delicious lunch sitting outside across the square from the cathedral. There was a large fair in the square by the cathedral. We bought a stove for our railroad.
We ended the day at the Via Flaminia, an ice cream shop that is truly unique! They have awesome flavors of ice cream, and they pile it up on a cone with tools that look like trowels. They stretch it out and then dip it in chocolate, which hardens around
 it and helps keep it all together. It was so much fun to see if we could eat it before it melted all over the place. What a mess! And delicious!
We were with Hunters, Nielsens and Roths. Fun Day!

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  1. Our all time favorite ice cream store: Via Flaminia! So many sweet memories.