Sunday, September 6, 2015


 This is our La Boca Chapel, near the mouth of the big river that feeds into the ocean. La
 Boca means mouth. Dean taught his first lesson today in the Gospel Principles class for new members and investigators. He did a great job (I think, I am not sure of all he said, but he looked good!)

A few weeks ago I told about the Elder's miracle with finding a young woman who had read the Book of Mormon already and was ready to give up smoking and become a member of the Church. She knew the Book of Mormon was true when she read it.

Elder Johnson, on the right, is going home to Provo this week and is very sad to leave. He bore his testimony in church today and could hardly get through it. But a wonderful parting gift for him today was to perform the baptism of this great young woman.  She was so ready to join the fold. She has been coming to church and bearing her testimony. She answers questions like someone who has been a member for many years. After Elder Johnson baptized her, she came out of the water absolutely glowing. What a thrill for all of us to see.
 The other set of Elders in our ward have been teaching a young family, and they baptized the 4 children today. It was awesome!There is a girl who will be in Young Women's, a boy who will be a Deacon and a primary aged boy and girl. They were so happy.

The baptism was right after church. We weren't expecting it and the missionaries told everyone during Sunday School. The service was just like at home with the talks on baptism and confirmation, then the baptisms and lots of singing of hymns while they dressed. Then there was a talk from all the auxiliary leaders welcoming them into their various new classes. It was such a joyful meeting. I cried all the way from the opening song, I Am a Child of God, to the last song, Come Little Children. It was so touching. It's wonderful to be on a mission and see the Lord's work move forth throughout the world.


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  2. Last picture is Elder Johnson, his last baptism, the young lady who was so ready she had already read the Book of Mormon and know it was true.